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Gentleness Bible Reading Plan Journal (Digital)
Gentleness Bible Reading Plan Journal (Digital)
Gentleness Bible Reading Plan Journal (Digital)

Gentleness Bible Reading Plan Journal (Digital)

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Please note: This is a digital download product. You will not be mailed a physical copy.

Gentleness is a defining term often used to describe how a Christian woman should behave, but do we really understand what it actually means to produce this fruit of the Spirit?

This is one of the fruits of the Spirit that has always been difficult for me to grasp, let alone put into practice in my own life.

I was raised to be a strong woman.

A woman who speaks her mind, has her way, and needs no one to approve of her.

Sure, some of that grit is needed in this life, but I've learned over the last decade that when my grit is partnered with gentleness...

Something happens that never ceases to amaze me.

A wise woman once told me, "Things done God's way always work out best."

Gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit. It is a character trait that should be cultivated.

Buuut what is Gentleness, Really?

That's what this topical Bible reading plan is all about.

With the help my assistant, Ashley, we've compiled 21 verses that focus on who God is, what He has accomplished through Christ, and what He wants to do through you as you move in gentleness towards others.

Downloadable Gentleness Bible Reading Plan Journal

This 21-Day topical Bible Reading Plan will guide you through various Scriptures that are all tied to understanding and growing in Gentleness.


  • 21-days of Scripture passages on gentleness
  • Daily questions to guide your reading
  • Room to journal your responses to each question
  • A focused plan to guide you into a deeper understanding of gentleness

Why 21 Days?

My downloadable Bible Reading Plans are 21 days long. This way you don’t have to worry about “getting behind” if you're working through one Bible reading plan a month. You can work at your own pace and go deeper into each area of text if you desire.

There are no dates or days marked on the plans either which means you can
skip around and read in any order you like, at any time of year you like.

My Mission

I am on a mission to equip women with the tools and inspiration necessary to get them living gospel-motivated lives for Jesus, and one of the best ways I know how to do that is to get them into the Word of

To get YOU into the Word of God is my mission!

I pray this downloadable 21-Day Bible Reading Plan on Gentleness blesses you and encourages you to dive deeper into various areas of study for His glory.