Intentional Living Bundle

Intentional Living Bundle

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Sometimes we want to make changes in our lives, but we just don't know where to start.

I know for me, it's really easy to see all the areas I'm failing miserably. I desire to do what it takes to move in a better direction, but I'm overwhelmed by the magnitude of what actually needs to be done.

Basically, I know something needs to change, but I just don't know where to start.

Can you relate?

I think we've all been there from time-to-time.

The answer to digging ourselves out of chaos is to sit down and make a clear plan of action.

That's what the Intentional Living Bundle can help you do!

One of the biggest reasons why we don’t make changes in our lives is that, even though we know we should, we simply don’t know how.

When you think about it, it’s shocking to realize that the only thing holding many of us back from living more intentional lives is a lack of knowledge – a lack of knowing simply where to start.

What You'll Learn from the Intentional Living Bundle

The Intentional Living Bundle will teach you:
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What's in the Intentional Living Bundle?

This collection consists of some my best resources on intentional living ...
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{Live for Him: A Grace-Filled Look at Planning is valued at $6}

Live for Him: A Grace-Filled Look at Planning is meant to guide you through making a plan for your life. To start living as though your life matters and that God wants to speak in and through you.

In Live for Him: A Grace-Filled Look to Planning, I first take you through a personal evaluation in order to determine where you are now. Then, we dream a little bit to figure out where you want to be. Afterward, we walk step-by-step through creating a plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be!

Learn more about Live for Him: A Grace-Filled Look at Planning here.

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{Planning 101: How to Be More Intentional with Your Time is valued at $5}

Planning 101: How to Be More Intentional with Your Time is a step-by-step planning guide that teaches you how to plan your time.

This eBook is the nitty gritty of your life. If we don’t plan our lives, someone else will do it for us. After completing this step-by-step guide to planning your time, you’ll …

  • Be encouraged to be intentional with how you fill up your time
  • Feel in control and confident in your role as follower of Jesus
  • Walk away with practical tips for planning your time effectively
  • Understand why you want to plan your time well
  • And more!
Learn more about Planning 101: How to Be More Intentional with Your Time here.
7-day scripture study 500 x 500_edited-1
{Live for Him: A 7-Day Scripture Study on Learning to Live Intentionally by Grace is valued at $3}

Live for Him: A 7-Day Scripture Study on Learning to Live Intentionally By Grace will help you uncover your “WHY” behind living intentionally.

In this 7-Day Scripture Study, I share with you scriptures to read and study on the topic of living intentionally. I ask probing questions for you to prayerfully consider and answer so that you can discover for yourself what the Bible says about living intentionally. Knowing your “WHY” behind living intentionally, having a biblical framework to stand on, could be the catalyst you need to start being intentional every single day.

Learn more about the Intentional Living Scripture Study here.

... a perfect "get started" living intentionally resource to get you organized, calm, and purposeful, all while teaching you to rely on God's grace.

If you want to be more intentional everyday, then you're in the right spot. The Intentional Living Bundle … a perfect "get started" living intentionally library consisting of:
  • 2 eBooks, and
  • 1 scripture study

… 3 carefully selected resources designed to help you be intentional every single day for the glory of God… and it's only $12. (A total value of $14.)

You save money when you buy the bundle!


I believe the Intentional Living Bundle could change your life. I really do.

When I started writing down my goals and getting really intentional about how I spent my time, my life changed.

I no longer felt guilty about what I wasn’t getting done. I knew that each day I was doing the best things. Or at least I knew where to go back to when I started feeling chaotic again.

God is writing our story. He is ordaining our days. He is calling us to fully experience all that He has for us.

But for some us, we will miss it because we’re so caught up in what is comfortable, normal, and routine and we will fail to seize not just our days but our lives; thus missing our opportunity to truly Live for Him.

We only have one chance to make a lasting imprint on the lives around us and bring glory to God.

Not sure this Bundle is for you?

Perhaps you’re wondering if this is just another set of books that will teach you how to get organized or clear the clutter from your home or do things that go against your personality.

Is it just another resource that will scratch the surface, but won't bring about lasting impact?

What, I think, is unique about this bundle of resources is that I systematically walk you through why you want to live intentionally and then give you the tools you need to make a plan for your life and for your days.

And the impact doesn’t stop there.

You will find as you apply the lessons you learn in my eBooks, and study God's word for yourself, you’ll gain confidence in living intentionally that will affect not just your days, but your life ... and the lives of those around you!

I think, at it’s core, we all want to live more intentionally because we sincerely want to glorify God with our lives. I just think we get lost along the way, or sometimes we need a little hand holding from time-to-time.

The Intentional Living Bundle could be just the thing you need to start making positive changes in your life for the glory of God!

I am passionate about encouraging you to live intentionally by grace. But please note that this is not a bundle of resources that will teach you about being a better person. That’s not our mission here. I want you to simply learn to breathe grace in and breathe grace out as you seek to manage your home, family, and life for the glory of God!

Be intentional. Rely on grace. Live for Him. That's our goal!

Your 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason, you decide that one or all of these resources aren't for you, then please send an email to and we will refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.