2021 Made To Give Life Planner Sale!

2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)
2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)

2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations (Digital)

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Please note: This is a digital download packet. You will not be mailed a physical copy. This is also NOT the 2021 Made to Give Life PLANNER. You can find the full planner here.

After a year like 2020, it’s tempting to say, “What’s the point of setting goals?”

I get it.

But it’s important to know what season you’re in, taking inventory of the people, resources, and gifts available to you right now. 

Being intentional and seeking to use your time for the good of others, is what this is about. 

Living intentionally is not about you. 

It’s not about you becoming a better person or even a better version of yourself (though this is sure to happen). 

It's about being who God has made you to be as a life-giver.

As Christian women, we are made to be productive and create culture and to do good to others. 

Where you are now is not where you're going to stay.

Seasons are a part of life, and it's okay not to do all the things, all the time, in every season.

It's not all or nothing, now or never.

It’s tempting to draw from the wellspring of the past and long for a future season, all while missing the possibilities of the RIGHT NOW season. 

Yes, things look very different right now. 

Yes, it’s hard to know how to set goals or make plans right now.

But that’s why I believe so much in the process of evaluation.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening around us, it is a grace to us to stop everything and get before the Lord and ask ourselves:

  • How am I doing?
  • What’s going on in my heart right now?
  • What am I doing right now that needs to be set aside?
  • What am I not doing that I need to be doing?

When life gets overwhelming, having a routine of getting before the Lord in place helps you to reset, stay focused, and remain faithful to your calling no matter what gets thrown your way.

The worldwide shutdown nearly paralyzed me. 

But then God in His goodness whispered, “Use your evaluation pages.” 

So, I stopped thinking about what was going on “out there,” and I got into the presence of the Lord. 

I stopped worrying about all the things that were changing, and I got into the presence of the Lord.

I stopped wondering when this was all going to just end, and I got into the presence of the Lord.

With its carefully timed evaluations, and purposeful questions, I was able to journal and consider the ways and works of God in my life. 

I was reminded that this is a season, and in this season I still have a job to do. I still have a family to raise. I still have a message to proclaim. 

I didn’t put a single appointment or event on my calendar, but my purpose had not changed.

He is the good news. 

If your why for living intentionally isn’t rooted in the gospel, then your why isn’t big enough.

Because the gospel changes everything. 

After a year like 2020, you need to be reminded that you are a woman, and you were made to give life. 

You still have a purpose.

You still have hope.

You still have life in your lungs, and in 2021 you can breathe holy life back into your home, your church, and your community. 

The point of the Made to Give Life Evaluations is to help Christian women bring to light the things that are hidden, so they can deal with them. 

For it is only what is brought out into the light that can be changed, healed, and renewed. 

Friend, our world needs you.

Our world needs you to show up again this year. 

Our world needs you to be who you are by grace, not the you that you are naturally. 

I want to help you in this process. 

The Made to Give Life Evaluations is designed to ​help you​ get crystal clear on where you are now ​so you can get to ​where you want to be.

2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations Include:

  • Guided Brainstorm Process: a way to clear the decks and discover God’s priorities for you in each season all year long.
  • Spiritual Life Evaluation: a regular and specific evaluation of your spiritual formation and growth in key spiritual disciplines.
  • Guided Goal Setting Process: a timeless process to set God-sized goals and a plan for taking action on your goals.
  • Monthly & Seasonal Check-ins: a regular and specific way to refocus and refresh your goals all year long.

If you're ready to stop the chaos, and start making intentional, deliberate choices to breathe life back into your home, your church, and your community this year, then the 2021 Made to Give Life Evaluations is the tool you need.

This isn't just another goal setting process. It's a way of life.

Want to take your evaluations a step further?

Check out the 2021 Made to Give Life PLANNER!

It's a complete planning system to help you stay on track all year long.

You never have to remember to pull out your evaluation pages.

They are built right into the overall system. Click here to learn more.